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Where Are You Going My Little One?

Nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks, because my second oldest son, who was born on ‘New Years Eve’, became fifty-five years old. Help! Who is that grown man standing while his peers sing ‘Happy Birthday’? Where is my baby who sat on my lap and had chocolate cake all over his face while the family sang ‘Happy Birthday’? Where are you my little one? What are you doing?

What Are You Doing?

Sometimes I think my children grew up too fast. I watched them grow and shared in their triumphs and woes. I did my best to teach them how to take care of themselves. Boys I think are easier to teach survival skills and even if I desperately wanted a girl I was never able to produce one. I guess I was a boy mother because I didn’t mind hopping frogs, bugs in the jeans pockets, and gum here and there. Footballs, basketballs, soccer balls and baseballs all bounced through the halls of my house. I can still hear the echo of my voice ‘You play outside please!’ The phantom voices chorus, ‘Okay, Mom, Sorry.’ What are you doing now my little ones? My oldest son who is fifty–six years old is a Systems’ Analysts for the state of Texas. My second oldest son is a Transportation Specialist and he will be moving to Texas in the early part of the New Year. The twins are forty-seven years old and one lives in Germany and works as a System’ Analysts of the government plus he owns his own online business. The other twin is a retired Naval Officer who resides in Connecticut. I live in South Carolina but the boys are wanting me to move to Texas. Ha, Ha!

When Are You Visiting?

Okay, I will admit my children do visit on a regular basis but I still miss them. There is something called ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ and I probably suffer a bit from that on occasion. I AM alone by choice and have been for the last twenty years. I keep myself busy writing for my four online websites and belong to a Fan Club. I stay occupied most of the time but there are those times I sit and wonder where you went my little ones I miss you so. Hey, where is that stiff upper lip? Well, I can’t be strong all the time but I do manage to be strong when I need to be.

How Do You Manage On Your Own?

Like most seniors my age I cope. I like my privacy even if my children do insist on a monitoring system and security. There are things I can not do any longer, not by myself. I have resolved that I must adjust to things that do not require another person. My son says I need a companion and that is probably true but I do not want to deal with one. So what is the solution? I do what I can and avoid things that might cause injury.


Do I get lonely? Yes! You can feel lonely in a crowded room. Do I dwell on sad things? No! I stay as happy as I can. I avoid speaking of sad things and sorry to say I do not believe in funerals. I know, I know, funerals have their purpose and that is fine for some people but not me. So says the wise old lady that lives down the lane. Talk to you next time.

Author Whitney Joh is a retired Science Teacher.


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