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Are all men handy to have around? Having had the pleasure of numerous spouses I can with expert eye say not all men are handy to have around. I AM not discriminating against the male gender or any gender. I do have strong opinions about the subject of men being handy. Perhaps it would be best if I defined the criteria for a handyman.

Who Can Be A Handyman?

Anyone can be a handyman. Handymen are secure and have many attributes such as the following:

1. Can use tools with efficiency.

2. Can fix most anything.

3. Has good work ethics.

4. Is polite and has good manners.

5. Knows how to use safety regulations

6. Is careful of personal hygiene.

7. Can be either male or female.

8. Knows how to handle inquisitive children and adults.

9. Is mindful of privacy issues.

10. Can drive and is licensed for many vehicles.

What types of Tools?

There are a variety of different tools a handyman must use on a daily basis. The first tool that comes to mind is a pair of pliers. Pliers come in various sizes and functions. Just a few are; needle nose used by electrical workers, tongue and groove are primarily used by plumbers, cutting use in electrical wiring and automotive industries, slip joint the most versatile can be use as a lock joint to remove or hold things in place, and lineman’s pliers which are heavy duty and can be used for a variety of purposes. There are those that have specific functions like the cutting pliers there are two types; cutting nippers and side cutters. Needless to say a good handyman knows his tools and how to use them appropriately.

When Should a Handyman Do That?

You and I both know there are individuals out there in the business world that say one thing while doing another. Please have a contract with your Handy man. If the service or individual refuses a contract you do not want them in your home or office. A good reputable service or individual will want a contract that spells out what the expectations are for both sides of the working job. Make sure you read any service contract you inter into and read the fine print even if you must use a magnifying glass. That sounds funny but it is not because disclaimers maybe hidden in the fine print. Disclaimers like; the company is not responsible for any damage done while doing a job or time limits are void if the individual does not provide lunch for the workers.

How is the Job; Going to be done?

A good answer would be quickly and quietly but that is not always possible. Take a rule of thumb and understand what is reasonable. There maybe some noise and some mess. That is reasonable as long as the mess is cleaned up and the noise is warranted. A good handyman will give you an estimate of the time involved and materials necessary for the job. Sometimes it may take less time but never more unless it is negotiated when the job is underway.

Who is that Stranger?

Just for one minute step into the shoes of your child or other loved ones. Stop and think; would a stranger in the house alarm you? There are those who would look and say quite frankly, “What stranger?” This is an example of a nuclear household. This type of household is so a custom to strangers coming and going they do not notice. The children maybe preoccupied with media devises and the parents are too busy working at their jobs. There is however a small percentage of individuals that might be upset with strangers in the home. Elderly individuals that might experience a shift in their schedules and routines may become upset. Please try to make sure everyone knows and understands why that stranger is in the home.


Hello there, whoever you are that thinks they can do that job requiring a professional. Please let the professional do their job. It is not nice for someone to come in and find their loved one dangling from a ladder. Perhaps it is the loss of a ladder that can cause the calamity of someone being trapped on the roof during a thunderstorm. These scenarios are not fiction they actually happen. Please for safety’s sake let the professional handle things like electrical wiring or other complex chores. The professional handyman male or female is a benefit to all households. Please utilize their services but make sure you follow the ten guidelines I have given you.

Author is a retired science teacher.


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