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Quite by accident I overheard a music video and became spellbound by the voice of the artist. I AM not often drawn to a voice like I was that day. I needed to find out who the voice belonged to immediately. I was surprised to find it belonged to a Korean actor of some notable fame. KHJ is the leader of the group SS501 plus a solo artist.


I went to my computer and connected to the music channel and found his videos. No matter what language KHJ sings I AM enthralled. I have a certain idea, about, this particular, Phenomena, because I AM a Scientist and have knowledge of auditory sensory stimulation. Some people respond to stimuli in different ways. Some sneeze, others swallow without realizing they are responding to a certain signal, and some have more chemical responses.


The number of individuals that experience this particular reaction is limited. In nature, it can happen with a certain sound from the male during calling season. Not all females are attracted to the calling of males it must be a certain auditory sound emitted by a specific male that attracts them. Females react to the auditory stimulation by seeking out that specific male caller. Humans are animals and react in much the same manner to auditory stimuli. Auditory sounds of alarm bring an immediate response such as fleeing from a fire alarm or police siren.


A small percentage of the population has a completely different response to a particular auditory stimulation. The resonance in the voice of the singer or person speaking can cause a hormonal response. The person listening is suddenly shocked by the response of their body. This auditory response tickles the auditory nerve to cause a broad muscle reaction in the abdomen. The reaction that occurs is much like a feeling of euphoria obtained from the contraction of specific muscles.


This is the first time I have experienced these Phenomena. I heard of others talk about the resonance of sound and the human response to music. I had cried at sad songs and laughed with funny songs. I love to sing and early in the spring time of my life I did sing but not professionally. I was never moved to want that type of public life. I AM somewhat shy. I stay away from strangers until I AM introduced. Then I watch the new acquaintance carefully before I interact with them. Imagine my shocked surprise to find that voice that solicits an unexpected response from my physical being.


Let us remember that I AM a grandmother with twelve grandchildren and have been careful to explain this, phenomena, so they may read my article. I AM sure mature individuals understand to a certain extent what I AM speaking about and if you don’t please read carefully and you will understand; unless you have no knowledge of broad muscle reactions. Then I will refer you to the library and the medical section. I can only speak of my experience and scientific knowledge that I have gleaned as a scholar.

Author Whitney Joh is a retired Science Teacher.



Please read and I hope you liked my article.

Feb 12.2019 | 04:16 pm


    From one grandma to another, I found your scientific explanation quite interesting. Interesting that we can still experience a mating call with a fluttering in the chest. We aren’t dead yet!

    Feb 22.2019 | 07:53 pm

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