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Item Name: Air Purifiers: Oransi OV200 and Oransi Max
Item Price: Oransi OV200 -$ 329.00 and Oransi Max- $479.00
Vendor Website:




Item Ranking: Five Stars

Engineering Evaluation Rating System: 1-10

Oransi OV200 (8.7)

Oransi Max (9.3)

Parent Company: Oransi, LLC 600 Congress Ave 14th Floor, Austin, TX 78701
Comments: Air purifiers were designed for use with various air borne irritants including the following: mold, mildew, pollen, odors, dogs, cats, pet dander, tobacco smoke, dust mites, and chemicals. Air purifiers help individual’s who suffer from allergies, have asthma, have seasonal disorders, and sinusitis sufferers. I happen to know about Air purifiers because I use them on a daily basis. I am allergic to pollen, mold, mildew, and pet dander. I have asthma and suffer from sinusitis. I have a steroid inhaler my doctor prescribes and an emergency inhaler of synthetic adrenalin. My asthma can cause a complete shut-down of my respiratory system. In a matter of minutes I can suffocate if I do not receive emergency assistance. I keep my air purifiers in good working order, which means, the filters must be changed periodically. Even if I change the filters  please remember that Air purifiers help but nothing is 100% sure all the time.
Good Points: Air purifiers such as: Oransi OV200 and Oransi Max are two of the top units that provide excellent filtration of rancid odors, gasses, fumes, smoke and pet odors.
Bad Points: Non-purified air leaks around the filter of the purifier.

Air purifiers do not remove all dust so dusting is necessary. Not all allergen’s are captured by the filter. Air purifiers can not filter out all viruses or bacteria. Air purifiers do not filter all odors.

Training and Tools Required: Read the manual and follow the directions the units are easy to use. This excludes large industrial units which must be installed by technicians.
Target Audience: All human individual’s between the ages of 4 weeks though 100 yrs. and some animals who have allergies are affected in a positive way. Individuals who suffer with respiratory disorders also are part of the Target Audience.
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Owner’s of Corporation/ Business: CEO Peter Mann
Scam Rank: 0
Air Purifiers are not SCAMS but be careful to get appropriately rated units.
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Product Discounts: 15%-20%
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Author: Whitney Joh is a retired Science Teacher.



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