Item Name: Amazon TV FireStick, 1080 p, Quadcore, 30% quicker, 802.11 ac WiFi, 8 GB on board storage, 1 GB RAM
Item Price: $39.00
Vendor Website:
Item Ranking: Second Generation Streaming Devise, 4 1/2 Stars
Parent Company: Amazon
Comments: The reviews for Amazon’s TV FireStick yielded four and a half out of five points. Although the Amazon Firestick is geared towards Prime Membership, it performs well and is cost effective.
Good Points: Well priced, Faster More stable, Improved interface, and Alexa voice commands work well,
Bad Points: Aimed towards Amazon Prime Membership, Some commands are difficult to understand.
Training and Tools Required: Minimal training required no tools.
Target Audience: Primarily families with children and movie buffs.
Help: System is set up to assist individuals who need help. A manual is available that helps troubleshoot the unit.

Ninety Day Limited Warranty, Two year Warranty and Three year Extended Warranty.

Owner’s of Corporation/ Business: Jeff P. Bezos, Werner Vogels, Brian T. Olsavsky, Andrew R. Jassy, Jeffery A. Wilke
Scam Rank: Does not apply.
Website URL:
Product Discounts: Discounts 20%-30% during periodic sales.
Affiliate Link:
Affiliate Login Username:
Affiliate Login Password:
Author: Whitney Joh is a retired science teacher.



I love my Amazon Fire Stick.

Nov 29.2018 | 03:26 am

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