by Whitney | 7:42 pm

Common Sense: Background Check

Common Sense: Background Check Some people might cringe at those two little words. Me, I just smile and fill out the necessary paperwork. There are many reasons why individuals shy away from background checks.

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by Whitney | 9:16 pm

Common Sense: Summer is Here.

The air conditioning is maintaining a comfortable temperature in the house and office, because the temperature outside has risen to an uncomfortable 90 degrees. Beach weather for sure is on the agenda and all

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by Whitney | 6:32 pm

Common Sense: Bubbles

Do you know what a bubble is? A solution that contains a metal salt and a fatty acid has a high surface tension. Common solutions we use to clean crockery can be used to

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by Whitney | 10:20 pm

Common Sense: Fan Club, Huh?

Growing up in the mid-west I was exposed to a certain type of attitude about clubs. There were certain clubs you were automatically expected to join whether you wanted to or not. I won’t

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by Whitney | 7:01 pm

Common Sense: The Handyman

Are all men handy to have around? Having had the pleasure of numerous spouses I can with expert eye say not all men are handy to have around. I AM not discriminating against the

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by Whitney | 4:20 am

Common Sense: Learning a Language: Korean Learning a language can

    Learning a language can be a difficult task and many of us just look the other way and say, “I do not have an ear for languages” but what you are really

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by Whitney | 11:00 pm

Common Sense: Technology Integration Social Studies

I was for many years an educator and taught many classes. The following is a lesson teaching multi-level students how to set up a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. I must as an educator accommodate diversity

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by Whitney | 9:43 pm

Common Sense: The Wisdom of ‘SAY’

  Individuals are always saying ridiculous thing they regret later in life or as soon as they come out of their mouths. What if you actually thought about what you wanted to say before

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by Whitney | 9:36 pm

Common Sense: The Star!

Have you ever really thought about what it takes to be a media ‘Star’? In my earlier days a relative of mine worked with show business personnel. I was exposed to the different criteria

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by Whitney | 3:05 am

Common Sense: That Face!

Sometimes an image haunts the mind to a distraction of the things that must be done. The face of Khj is a perfect example of the image that distracts an individual. His face is

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