by Whitney | 9:43 pm

Common Sense: The Wisdom of ‘SAY’

Individuals are always saying ridiculous thing they regret later in life or as soon as they come out of their mouths. What if you actually thought about what you wanted to say before you

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by Whitney | 9:36 pm

Common Sense: The Star!

Have you ever really thought about what it takes to be a media ‘Star’? In my earlier days a relative of mine worked with show business personnel. I was exposed to the different criteria

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by Whitney | 3:05 am

Common Sense: That Face!

Sometimes an image haunts the mind to a distraction of the things that must be done. The face of Khj is a perfect example of the image that distracts an individual. His face is

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by Whitney | 4:49 am

Common Sense: Ben Ate a Bug.

Where on earth is Ben and why would he eat a bug? Ben was the family pet dog and he loved to chase bugs and eat them. Ben passed away thirty years ago but

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by Whitney | 2:05 am

Common Sense:The Fan

  Quite by accident I overheard a music video and became spellbound by the voice of the artist. I AM not often drawn to a voice like I was that day. I needed to

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by Whitney | 9:44 am

Common Sense: The Science of Laughing!

There is a sign that says, ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine,’ I really believe that little sign. Popular songs sometimes express levity in interesting ways; ‘A raw paw-paw give me a ya,ya,’ in this

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by Whitney | 12:20 am

Common Sense: Eureka! I Found It.

While recovering from the Flu virus, I discovered Asian Romantic Comedies. Yes, to my surprise I found reading the translated text a good exercise for my eyes and reading skills. I promise you if

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by Whitney | 10:41 pm

Common Sense: Writing a Book.

I do not claim to be an expert at everything but I do know how to setup a book if you are interested. I have numerous books in print and e-books on various store

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by Whitney | 6:58 pm

Common Sense: Nobody Wants To Hear That!

An era ended November 12,2018; when a writer stepped into the ‘Forever Hall of Fame’. The writer’s claim to fame was one of ionic proportions. The writer’s characterizations were a staple of superhero games

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by Whitney | 12:37 am

Common Sense: I’m Listening I’ll Keep You Safe!

Look at that small bundle tucked into a bassinet or crib sleeping with such trust. How do you keep those precious to you safe? Do you stay awake at night listening to them sleep?

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