by Whitney | 7:43 pm

Common Sense: Apple, Pear, or Six-Packs

Apple, Pear or Six Packs? I don’t have a thing to wear. How many times have I said that, or heard someone else say the same thing. Do I look fat in these jeans?

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by Whitney | 1:23 am

Common Sense: Learning to Dance

How many people would like to learn to dance? I had been afraid to learn to dance. I did not want to look foolish. Come on if you are honest you know that is

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by Whitney | 8:31 am

Common Sense: Cigars, Cigarettes, Have a Chew.

Ahhhhhchew….Someone is smoking something in here and I know because I am allergic. Do you think an individual who is allergic, should have to suffer because someone is a selfish idiot? Frankly, speaking I

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by Whitney | 6:57 pm

Common Sense: Meditation

Snap decisions are at best ill-conceived, and should not be made, until all the evidence can be considered. It is easy to rush to judgment about anything, but the prudent individual takes time to

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by Whitney | 7:11 pm

Common Sense: Can You See the Cartoon?

Are you sure of what you are seeing? Can you describe who and what that is really? Be careful and look carefully. Looks like a cartoon character; one that maybe familiar to millions of

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by Whitney | 6:59 pm

Common Sense: Hurricanes

Miracles happen in the most interesting ways. Some are happenstance and barely noticeable when they happen. Other miracles splash into the newspaper headlines to leave a mark forever in the History books and our

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by Whitney | 1:17 am


    What is PMA? Just to let you know in advance it is not PMS. Positive Mental Attitude dictates that you must feel great and let everyone know its how you feel. Sometimes

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by Whitney | 4:42 pm

Again and Again Please

Hey, Mom can you make that for us again? I’m sure Cooks everywhere hear that request time and time again. So tell me, how do the magicians, we call cooks, manage to make the

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by Whitney | 8:59 pm

All About Grandma Joh

  Hello, welcome to Grandma Joh’s Kitchen Sink. I’m always glad to have you here. So pull up a chair and relax. Think calm thoughts and smile. Anything you have to tell me is

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by Whitney | 8:15 pm

Common Sense: Gambling

I’ll bet a grand on the University football game to win. Nah, I ain’t gambling. I’m just supporting my team. To be considered, gambling three things must be there; consideration, chance and a prize.

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