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I don’t know about you but I hate to shop! Sometimes I know it is impossible to avoid shopping but it doesn’t make it any easier. Some might argue don’t you like to buy new clothes? I would say to them ‘No’ I like my old comfortable clothes, patches and all. Okay, okay, I know I eventually I will have to replace things that wear out, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the process.

Why Don’t You Like to Shop?

I could say it is because I was once lost in a large department store and that would be true but that is not quite the reason I deplore shopping. I once bought an item and a store employee accused me of shoplifting. I was just lucky that I was with my Aunt when I bought the item and she had the sales slip. I wonder how many times this happens to others and they are not as fortunate as I was to have my Aunt with me. No, I understand about shoplifters and store lost revenue because of thefts but I sometimes think individuals are too quick to judge. This did not happen to me just once it happened repeatedly in different stores. Finally, I asked the security guard why I seemed to be a target of the stores. The security guard looked at me and smiled and said, “Pockets, you have a lot of pockets.” It was true I liked a lot of pockets because I carried a lot of colored pencils. I also carried a large drawing pad. It was bulky and another reason I looked like a shoplifter.

What Did You Do?

Well the first thing I did was cover up my pockets with a sweater or coat. Covering up my pockets did help, but my picture was circulated throughout stores and I was labeled a potential shoplifter. I was innocent and I was labeled a potential shoplifter. I reported this to my mother and she was not pleased at all when a teacher from school called her about my shoplifting. I had never shoplifted but the employee of the store lied because she had put the store in a bad position and she didn’t want to loose her job. My mother contacted her lawyer and a lawsuit was filed against the employee and the store where she worked.

Where Did This Happen?

I was raised in the mid-west in a small farming community and when we went shopping for major items we had to drive about fifty miles to the nearest large city. Shopping was a chore and hard work because we bought large quantities to last for three months or more. I know that some individuals who live in the mountains still make treks into large cities to buy supplies for several months. Now I do not need to buy large amounts of supplies because I can use other methods to secure the goods I need.

How Do Shop Now?

Now I shop online using a computer to order whatever I need. Yes, I admit there are fees involved in the quest to avoid shopping, but I feel it is worth it to me. Some individuals thrive on pushing and shoving each other while shopping; I AM not one of them. I watched a man blow his nose into his hand and then push the buttons on the self serve isle to pay. Gross, I wonder how many individuals he infected with his snotty hands. Staying at home and shopping has its definite advantages; one being a cleaner environment.


Yes, I hate to shop! I have found through research that I can obtain anything I desire by using the internet to procure items I need. That includes cars, trucks, tractors, televisions, cable boxes, antennas, jewelry, bathtubs, fixtures, and the list goes on and on. My, my how easy is it to do that tedious shopping now? I promise you it is one hundred percent easier than trekking through sloppy, snowy, slick, streets and highways. That chore I hate to do now has become something I can tolerate. Do you hate to shop? Try the internet. Good luck! Talk to you later!

Author Whitney Joh is a retired Science



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