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All of my life I have been a curious soul. That means I get into a lot of interesting situations. I AM in my elder years now but my mind seems to think I AM still a twenty-something kid. Needless to say that presents a problem at times. My system requires certain medicines to keep it healthy and sometimes in certain situations it is not always possible to take that medication. I have developed a method of swallowing medications without water but it is hard to take a shot in public.

Why is taking A Shot so Hard?

Trying to explain the human mind when it sees a syringe is nearly impossible, but there are some interesting verbal and physical reactions. There is that individual out there in the universe that will scream and get a policeman to arrest you. There are others who will whisper but do nothing and last but my least favorite is the individual who will physically try to take the syringe out of your hand. This last individual will try to haul you into the nearest rehab facility. A clear-headed person like me will quietly explain it is a necessary medication and not some nefarious drug. Usually that explanation calms everything down to an embarrassed quieting of the do-gooder.

When Could this Happen?

Well, recently I was doing some fields research about auditory stimulus and due to circumstances beyond my control my health was in jeopardy. I need to explain that I have been injured to the extent of experiencing acute discomfort while sitting for long periods of time. This means I can not take long plane rides but I needed the data so much to my chagrin; I booked four short plane rides to get me to my destination ‘Mexico City’. Mexico City really does not seem that far away from Charleston, South Carolina but trust me it was far enough away to wreak havoc with my physical system. When I started the journey I knew there would be discomfort but not to the extent I was experiencing.

How Did You Handle the Problem?

Probably not as good as I should have, but to my defense I reply; when you are trying not to let anyone see you are physically shaking with pain you be come grumpy. Individuals observing think you are just being immature however that is not the reason. So what do you do when you know certain things will cause pain? Will you refuse to do those things? This is interpreted as you being stuck-up and rude. But to be truthful I did refuse to move knowing it would cause me pain and I would probably fall. There is not much you can do when your muscles cramp and your back spasms. I needed help to stand and walk so I had to wait until someone could help me. All the cat calling, in the world, is not going to make me further injure myself; so walk on whoever you are I can not win that race with you. I AM slow and you are young and fast, but do remember how you have treated me because one day it will happen to you.

Who Would Do Such a Thing?

How on earth can you point fingers at anyone? I really do not have to say who because they know who they are. They seemed to think it was fun to talk about the handicapped person who walked with a cane. It probably would have really been interesting if I had used my crutches and wore my knee braces. No I could not keep up with you and you should be ashamed by what you all did as a group. I never would have mistreated any of you the way you mistreated me. The answer to “who would do such a thing’ is the club I belong to right now. Sisters? We are supposed to be sisters? Perhaps I AM confused about what a sister is; I only had two so what would I know?


The positive side to this recourse is that I did collect the necessary data and I did get safely home. I chose to look at the brighter side and know I will be able to complete my research now. Usually it takes from three to five years to complete a study like mine but because of available resources I will complete mine in about two years. Probably not many will ever read my academic words they will be archived in some dusty journal on a medical reading shelf in the library of congress. I will have the satisfaction knowing that despite the disappointment and adversity I completed my goal and published my study. Wow! Say What?

Author Whitney Joh is a retired science teacher.



Wow, but not surprised of the reaction of others! Learning a lot since I been with a club….. Usually are interested in someone who can provide and fun to be with…not straight business no jokes allowed… It is easy to see how much trouble you can get in, but you not be a bad person & in trouble medically… wow.. Also how many thoughts can be given because of your conditions… and instead of helping you are treated as if you are not important enough to check on … or help if needed…
I am glad you was able to finish this

Oct 27.2019 | 04:05 am

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