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Yesterday was leap year and we have an extra day February 29 many things happen on this day, some individuals have birthdays. I a number of years ago buried a time capsule on February 29. The capsule was full of interesting tokens from years gone by and I suppose there are people that might think doing something so mundane is a bit on the crazy side of the spectrum of human emotions but who is really normal?

Who Buried the Time Capsule?

I buried the time capsule because I wanted to save some items that reminded me of certain precious individuals who passed through my life. Some memories are good memories and some perhaps are not as good but still need to be remembered. We all have tokens that jog our memories, and cause an emotional reaction.

Why Did You Do It?

Chuck was the love of my teenage years and he was a generous person who always remembered all the holidays and my birthdays. Chuck was responsible for some items in my time capsule. Chuck passed away in our sophomore year of High School. Chuck’s passing was a traumatic experience that would repeat various times throughout my lifetime. My way of dealing with the pain of loss was putting the tokens in a time capsule.

How Long Was It Buried?

The time capsule on February 29 was buried forty-five years ago and I was astounded at what I found inside the capsule. What the *** was I thinking when I decided to put these tokens in a time capsule. I know some collectors will probably go crazy for some of these items. You must remember I was just a young woman and put things of interest to me in the capsule. My time capsule was made of steel. It was an ammunition carrier from world war two. I buried it on my grandfather’s farm in Indiana.

What Did You Find?

My time capsule in the first layer contained; a lock of my hair, a pearl handled comb and mirror, a gold necklace with diamond heart pendent. The second layer contained; pearl face cream, a deck of cards called ‘Romance’, magazines from the forties and fifties. The third layer contained; my mother’s picture, my grandparent’s pictures, pictures of my father in his Army uniform, and a small painting by a noted artist. The fourth layer contained; a baseball, a football, ping-pong paddles, Chuck’s class ring, a diamond engagement ring, bubble gum, an American flag, and a pack of ping pong balls.


I know the items seem rather silly but they all mean something to me. The lock of hair I had given to Chuck. Chuck’s mother gave it back to me at his funeral. Chuck died of pancreatic cancer he was just fifteen years old. The pearl handled comb and mirror my uncle brought back from Korea. My uncle was an Army engineer in world war two. The gold necklace with diamond heart pendent, was given to me by the French ambassador’s son, for Valentines Day. The pearl face cream was my first adult item I received for my sixteenth birthday. My deck of cards called ‘Romance’, was designed, by a noted cartoonist I love that deck of cards I learned how to play cards with that deck. The magazines were in great condition and the pictures and advertisements were like stepping back into that era. The pictures of my family brought tears to my eyes because I AM the last one here. The rolled up painting was from an artist that drew covers for a noted magazine. The baseball I caught a home run pitch. The football was a game ball at Home Coming. The ping-pong paddles were a gift from a man who lived in Arabia. Chuck’s class ring I put away in a special place. The engagement ring I had offered to give back but the man insisted I keep the ring. The bubble gum was an experiment that backfired, that gum tasted nasty. The American flag was a memorial flag from a friend’s service. The pack of ping-pong balls was flat. I don’t think I will ever make another time capsule. The items were in good condition but sometimes it is better to just step away and let a memory fade into oblivion. Talk to you next time.

The author is a retired Science teacher.


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