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Have you ever really thought about what it takes to be a media ‘Star’? In my earlier days a relative of mine worked with show business personnel. I was exposed to the different criteria it takes to make it in the entertainment field. This caused me to grow up fast and think quickly on my feet. I decided at an early age I did not want to pursue a career as an entertainer. I watched child stars stumble as they became teenagers, and were no longer in demand. I became a watcher; someone who observed talent, and just how far that talent took some individuals. This interesting proclivity of mine stayed with me all of my growing years and still to this day I watch certain individuals to understand how their career is progressing. One such individual is known as Khj.

Why Did You Do This?

Actually, I was ‘star’ struck. I watched an Asian TV series because my eye doctor recommended reading subtitles as good exercise for my eyes. I would never have bothered with subtitled anything it just was not of any interest to me as an individual at all. The drama I watched had an interesting character that was tragic; he would suffer unrequited love throughout the series. This character was brought to life by Khj. Once you watched Khj in action you looked for his character. You wanted Khj’s character to marry the leading lady but eventually knew he would never have his lady love. The music back play for the TV series had remarkable quality and the love songs were perfect. Khj sang and wrote two of those love songs.

When Are You Going To Learn?

I became fascinated with Khj and his career. I watched all TV series he was involved with and could observe his growth as a TV and on stage performer. In his early teen years he was a part of the group called ‘SS501’. The group ‘SS501’ was comprised of five handsome young men. Primarily they danced and lip-synced prerecorded music. The videos were well choreographed and a pleasure to watch. I watched them all because I wanted to know how Khj would evolve into his next phase of entertainment.

How Did It Happen?

Khj was primarily a rap singer. When the group ‘SS501’ dissolved Khj concentrated his talents on the rap scene; Khj became a rap solo artist and had many successful CD’s. His talent expanded to include romantic ballads and his career exploded. Khj’s real talent; was how to handle his success. Khj was careful to insulate his family and friends from too much media attention; while cultivating and directing media attention to his career.

Who is that?

Asian and Europeans were in for a treat when Khj began touring their cities Khj’s fans packed stadiums to watch his shows. Khj reviews were always positive even from the crankiest critics. Questions formed in the minds of his fans. Has Khj becoming too jaded? Would Khj become a victim of his own ego? Khj’s fans would tell you he cares about them. Khj takes his career seriously and works hard to give his best, but has the humility to understand not everything can be perfect.

What Did You Say?

I traveled through the timeline of Khj’s career and found a sensitive caring individual. Not to say he has not had troubling times like all media darlings, but he has handled them with decisive judgment. Frankly, speaking me, as an individual could not have handled his stress level. Khj did his military duty and has re-entered the media blitz a much wiser participant re-starting his career with new world tours; once again treating his fans to fantastic new music derived from his creative genius.


I vary rarely if ever join a ‘Fan Club’ but I joined Khj’s. I admire his journey to stardom, and know his star shall shine ever bright in the years to come. I, in the winter of my life AM happy to know his talent will still be appreciated long after I have taken, my journey to the stars. Thank you U: Zoosin for just being you.

Author Whitney joh is a retired Science teacher.



Thank you for this. I like you had no desire to watch Kdrama’s but my mom loves them and while she was sick made me watch BOF I fell in Love with the song and his voice. I cried for his character while all myself going through some rough times. I read about his personal struggles and actually felt like I was in the fight for his character with him. NEVER have I joined a fan club but I did his this year, I vote for anything his in the race for. I can’t describe why I am drawn to him, but will support him and his fight for his career. Almost like a little brother or nephew. So happy to read your story and know that I am not strange for my fandom!

Mar 06.2019 | 10:32 pm

dottie bone

good story.

Mar 07.2019 | 02:48 pm

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