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Why I want to Live and Work in Japan

I AM not a usual type candidate for a job like this, at this time in a life span. I AM a senior citizen and have, had an interesting journey through life. I have traveled and experienced many cultures through my students and my own curiosities. My only unfulfilled desire is to teach in Japan. Please note that I have an extensive background in Sciences as well as humanities and I feel I would be a credit to any situation afforded me.

Who Inspired You?

My uncle was an Engineer working in Japan by invitation. He and several of his friends were under contract, to rebuild several earthquake-damaged buildings. My uncle sent back many pictures of Japan, and I was, intrigued by the landscapes, and unique buildings. I wrote letters to my uncle requesting more pictures and more information. My uncle sent me posters of beautiful buildings and shrines, these posters and artifacts were-kept in pristine condition, until they were-destroyed in a house fire.

Where is the Country of Joh?

My life has never been dull and boring which many people might think is a little crazy but I’ll take crazy any day if it makes a child smile. I love all my children some were born mine and some were mine by choice. My children all lived in the country of Joh. The country of Joh’s dictator was a happy person that demanded the utmost respect from all who resided in the country of Joh. Dictator Joh always made sure there were rewards for good citizenship and proper motivation for citizens at all times. The country of Joh has restricted participation rules adopted by the citizens. Please note this is a child friendly zone.

When is there a Giant and Ants?

Dictator Joh loves children but loves them enough to correct their behavior if it is needed. Please be aware that all the citizens of the country Joh speak English. Welcome to the country of Joh. I AM an educator and the Giant in the room. The citizens of the country Joh are my worker learner ants. My citizen worker ants are educators too. Just like real ants, they bring back the crumbs of the English to their homes. The Giant and the citizen ants spread the crumbs of learning English like a network of fine spider webs. You want to know why I want to live and work in Japan. I love being the dictator of the country Joh and the Giant that spreads the crumbs of English to the citizen ants.


I find it good to explore different avenues of adventures. My friend called me one night all excited and insisted on coming for a visit right now. I told her to come over and explain why she was so excited. It turns out she had been offered a job to live and work in Japan but she did not want to go alone. You guessed it she wanted me to apply to work in Japan too. This essay I wrote. I seriously do not think I have any chance but I did try just for her sake.

Author Whitney Joh is a retired Science Teacher.


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