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Sometimes I feel the need to
reach out and talk to someone. Mind you, sometimes just anyone will do. It
would feel good just to turn on my computer and find someone to talk to. The
best therapy in the world is right here in cyberspace. There numerous free
counseling sites here in cyberspace but the real attraction is the freedom to
scream my head off if I want.

Clap Your Hands!   

If you can take your emotions
in hand and control your temper for just a brief time, clap your hands because you
deserve it. Control, control, your life must be about control but not here.
Here you can be anyone you want and throw control to the wind.

Stress, What’s That?

If you are so stressed out
you feel the need to talk to a professional there a many here to help. Just let
your fingers walk you into a virtual office. Your fingers will fill out the
necessary personal file and the doctor will see you. You may have a virtual
visor that takes you into an office and you can talk to the doctor’s avatar.
Those of you who do not know what an avatar is; it is a graphic representation
of the doctor.

Nothing Fancy.

Explore all the possibilities
before you settle on one agency. Sometimes the simplest form of an agency is
the best choice. It just depends on what you need. Online Counseling agencies are
just like cafeteria buffets. There are many but it just depends on what you
need. Review as many as you can and then make an informed decision.

Anyone Out There?

There are millions of
individuals online. Here you are never alone no matter the time of day someone
is here. Let your fingers explore cyberspace for whatever your needs are; you
will find it here. But remember this is a place you can relax. If per chance
you have voice activation software that lets you talk to the computer instead
of typing that’s great. There are numerous software companies that produce that
type of program; if you are interested I will warn you, good ones can be

One, Two, Three.

Since there any number of
online counseling agencies it could be difficult to determine which one is the
one best suited to you. Remember to ask yourself three questions;

1.     Is the professional agency easy to use?

2.     Do you like the doctor?

3.     Does the doctor help you?

If when you answer these
questions with a positive response you have a good agency, you like your doctor
and most important the doctor helps you.

Don’t Be Shy.

When it comes to your well
being, please don’t be shy. Cyberspace is a shy person’s Mecca. Here you can do whatever you like as long as you don’t
break the Law. People that break the Law here are dealt with rather harshly. You
can find the help you seek and it will be kept confidential. Online counseling
agencies; are just the same as agencies found in office buildings. Please don’t be shy get the
help you need.


Online Counseling is
available serving many different types of criteria. Whatever type of help you
need you can find it online. If you just need a good friend and a place to vent
come on over to one of my websites. I’ll be happy to listen and talk if you
need someone to talk.

Author: Whitney Joh is a retired Science Teacher.



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