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An era ended November 12,2018; when a writer stepped
into the ‘Forever Hall of Fame’. The writer’s claim to fame was one of
ionic proportions. The writer’s characterizations were a staple of superhero
games and cinematic wonder. I am sure the television and radio commentators
spread the news that Stanley Martin Lieber; legally known as Stan Lee in the
comic’s industry, had passed quietly away.

What do You Want to Know?

Stanley Martin Lieber was born December 28th, 1922 to parents who were Jewish immigrants from Romania. His mother Celia Solomon Lieber and his father Jack Lieber, who worked as a dress cutter, struggled to raise their son in Great Depression times. Stan’s parents made sure he had a
good formal education. Stan after his graduation from school, at eighteen,
landed a job as an editor at Timely Comics. Timely Comics would later become
Marvel Comics. During World War II he served his military duty by creating
posters and incentive ads for the United States government. Stan married his wife Joan
on December 5th, 1947 and they were married for sixty-nine
years; until she passed away July 6, 2017. They have one living daughter Joan Celia
Lieber who was born in 1950. The romantic in me begs the question; could he
have died of a broken heart?

The Rest They Say is History.

There is little doubt Stan Lee impacted
millions of lives. His characters taught solid life lessons. Through his
characters he indicted prejudices and held the line when others were critical. Stan endowed his super hero characters with real human emotions and real human problems. Perhaps that is why so many of us understood his characters so well. His characters addressed real problems which put him in an awkward position with the establishment. When prompted about choices that
were made about different characters he laughed and said many were printing
mistakes that worked. When in the course of time he became financially challenged instead of quitting he regrouped his capital and started a new company. Stan was never a quitter he stood for the downtrodden underdog, and the real human experience in life. He knew what loss
was and imbued his creations with humility.

What Does a Life Mean?

Can you answer that question?
Can you look in the mirror and answer that question? Is it more than the amount
of the cost of the chemicals in your body? Think about it for a moment. Now think
about it in terms of the super hero that is you. Yes, the super hero that is
you. I know there is a super hero that you relate to; if you think about it
carefully. Stan Lee created many of you for all to see. He took them from his
mind and put them on paper so you could see yourself. The spoiled brats with
daddy issues to the struggling student who just wants to fit in with his peers;
you are all there in the scenes and scripts for all to see. What did Stan Lee’s
life mean? Through Stan’s life of struggle and turmoil he experienced a love
story of epic proportions. Stan’s first love was his family who supported him
through thick and thin no matter what came their way. Stan loved his work and
his creations were like children to him. Is life the sum total of the work and
love in one’s life? If this is so Stan Lee’s life was well spent.

Remember, Will Anyone Remember?

I can with sad tears in my eyes answer that question with a resounding; YES! I will remember and so will others who witness the wonder of cinematic grace created from your mind, and the
thrilling wide-eyed wonder, of super heroes foiling villains; who threaten
helpless humans. The characters that have problems like mine will be with me
always and I will make sure to pass them on to the next generation of my
family. Like-wise I’m sure you will pass them on to your families. Stan Lee and
the children of his mind will never be forgotten. Stan’s children of his mind
will swing, fly, and transform into immortality in the Forever Hall of Fame.


I’m sure many articles have been written about Stanley Martin Lieber (Stan Lee) but with poignant fervor I offer this tribute to him. Thank you for the wonderful future you have given
the people of this planet Earth. I promise we will continue to enjoy your
talent and your worth all our lives. The future is now in the hands of your
fans they will use it well and if by chance someone whispers in your ear a joy; I
hope it is this; thank you for the LOVE!

Author: whitney Joh is a retired Science Teacher.



It is my hope you will read my tribute to the wonderful Stanley Martin Lieber(Stan Lee) of Marvel Studios and Comics.

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