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I being a septuagenarian I have witnessed many changes in history over the years and I can say with a small laugh ‘Huh?’ Sometimes I shake my head and laugh out loud; this causes a lot of peculiar looks when you are in a public library reading section. My behavior appears somewhat bizarre but not really. The younger patrons of the library view me as being mentally deficient and that also brings a giggle from me. I view the written lies in periodicals, books and historical documents with comedic wonder.

Who Is Telling Lies?

Honestly, everyone tells lies and that fact can not be disputed. Oh, now listen up you do-gooders, if you say you have never told a lie that is a lie. We all bend the truth for various reasons and we must admit we do take license to arrange the truth to our own standards at times. Well, dear readers, you are probably wondering where I AM going with this interesting rhetoric so without further a due the answer is of ‘Historical Accounts of Events’.

What Did You Say?

Journalists are famous for arranging the truth to fit certain standards that baffle me. I know for a fact they omit and add as they please for newspaper sales. Hmm? You mean you can buy a headline? Absolutely! You can buy a headline lie and people who read that newspaper will believe it. The written word is a powerful tool and it is abused at times. A perfect example of this abuse is our country’s founding document. That claims equality for all, but buys and sells slaves on the open market. It seems rather a crass situation but we deal with our own truths and carry on as normally as possible.

Where is This Happening?

Everywhere! Historical accounts of various events are riddled with lies and misconceptions. I know because I was there in a front row seat and saw with my own eyes what was happening. This gives me a license to giggle or laugh at what I please. I choose to turn a comedic eye to those lies and just be happy in the truths I know. I will not expose those who have been persuaded to tell a jaded truth but I will caution those individuals that once walking down this crooked path it becomes harder and harder to stay on that path.

When Did You Notice it?

My six uncles were somewhat famous in the sports field. I was one of their biggest fans and cut out all the newspaper articles about their exploits. I can not relate anything a miss until an article written by a noted journalist of the time, wrote about an incident I happen to witness. The individual wrote that my uncle was a pervert. Excuse me! That girl took off all her clothes. My uncle never touched her. I was sitting in the backseat of his car and saw the whole thing happen. No, no, no you don’t lie like that and try to destroy a career. My uncle sued the journalist and won a settlement but it damaged his career. That was sixty years ago and I will never forget how it impacted one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet.

How Does it Impact History?

Stop and think? The Civil War happened because of a lie. The Southerners were told the President of the United States was going to abolish slavery. Part of that was true. The other part said the slaves must be free and paid for their work. The largest case of genocide happened in Europe. A lie about a race of people perpetuated this genocide and the world turned a blind eye to what was happening in Europe. The evidence of this event is overwhelming yet we have individuals who lie and say it never happened. I could continue for maybe a hundred pages and still not talk about all the lies.


What can you say about telling the truth? Sometimes a lie can save your life so you lie. I think when you really know the truth you should tell it without prejudices. Take responsibility for what you write and what you say; that is a hard thing to do and even harder thing to ask of someone close to you. What it really comes down to, is compromise. When you live as long as I have you understand things a little differently than most people would. I find humor in the misconceptions and outright lies. I leave with your own thoughts on lies and compromise. Good Luck.

Author Whitney Joh is a retired science teacher.


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