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Look at that small bundle
tucked into a bassinet or crib sleeping with such trust. How do you keep those
precious to you safe? Do you stay awake
at night listening to them sleep? Does every loud noise suddenly kick your
adrenal glands into over drive? Biological basic natural instinct dictates we
protect those who can not protect themselves.

Help, Help!

I don’t know about you, but I
can not stay awake, 24/7 trying to take care of those I love. What is the solution?
One solution is a baby monitor it is an essential for the new parent’s
survival. There are those who will not be as fortunate as some who can afford
this apparent luxury but then again can you really put a price on life?

Say Again.

Baby monitors have come a
long way from the walkie-talkie type my parents used to listen to us in our
cribs. Baby monitors now have a variety of different innovative features. Now
it depends on what your personal security involves. There are certain things
that need to be taken into consideration one being there are two distinctly
different types:

1. Analog

·Budget friendly

·Not secure(signal can be compromised)

2. Digital


·Encryption of audio and video

·Not secure

Mass of Confusion?

How can you be certain, which
type is the best for your situation? Popular consensus leans towards audio
being the essential factor to consider. Being able to hear if your loved one
moves or makes noise for assistance is a plus but how about being able to see
and hear? The evolution of baby monitor technology can now provide the ability
to see and hear your loved one on Smart phones, tablets or even computers. New
adult fitness technology devices called ‘Smart monitors’ can track infant vital
signs. Infants born with certain genetic disorders do benefit from the constant

Whatcha Got?

The many features
available in baby monitors include: audio, video, combinations of audio and
video, night vision, two-way audio, sound-activated light, camera control, low battery
indicators(battery life 2-10 hours), lullaby players, larger houses will need
addition monitors and small carry around receivers.

Not Just For Babies!

Sadly, infant/baby monitors
are not used just for the monitoring of babies. Alzheimer’s and different types
of adult dementia may require monitoring.Adult dementia has fourteen

1. First Memory changes are noticed


·Space(forgetting where they are)

·Place(what they were looking for)

2. Secondary Memory changes

·Forget name of loved one

·Forget their identity

3. Cognitive Conversation

·Fragmented thought processes

·Struggle to find words

·Forgets speech patterns

·Forgets speech mechanics

4. Diminished Mental function

·Motor function and coordination is impaired

·Shuffling gait and balance issues

5. Nerve and Brain Impairment

·Confusion,Disorientation, and Hallucination

·Depression and Anxiety

·Paranoia and Agitation

The most well-known form of Dementia is called Alzheimer’s disease.

Early stages of Alzheimer’s are:

1. First Memory changes are noticed


·Space(forgetting where they are)

·Place(what they were looking for)

2. Secondary Memory changes

·Forget name of loved one

·Forget their identity

Moderate stages of Alzheimer’s:

1.Difficulty managing:

·Paying bills, Doing laundry, and Making meals

·Bathing,Grooming, and Toileting

2. Cognition

·Wandering or getting lost

·Sleep Apnea or changing sleep patterns

·Feeling moody, withdrawn, complete emotional detached

3. Forgetfulness

·Personal History

·Own Address or phone number

·Appropriate clothing for season

·Repeating personal stories

Advanced stages of Alzheimer’s:

1. Loss of self and family (no recognition of either)

2. Loss of communication (does not speak)

3. Loss of bladder or bowel control

4. Guttural sounds

5. Needs complete assistance


I recommend the top range of
baby monitors when dealing with an adult patient. The baby monitor can make the
care giver of an Alzheimer’s patient’s job easier. Safety is a priority when
dealing with an infant or a patient with dementia. I recommend the top range
Arlo Baby Monitor by Netgear. It has the best all around functions including a
lullaby player.

Author: Whitney J. joh is a retired Science Teacher.





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