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We all have things we do without thinking. Some individuals are hair twirlers, some pick their teeth, some bite their fingernails, some pluck their nose hairs, some tear up paper into small pieces, some pluck facial hair, and some doodle on what ever is available. There are many, many more annoying habits we all have, so many I can not name them all. So What?

Okay! What are you saying?

I suppose I could talk about social behavior all day long and no one would listen. There is I feel a need to address certain behaviors; one serious behavior is a habit that men and children acquire of selective hearing that really is not funny at all. Selective hearing is an avoidance behavior and should be addressed at once. Is she trying to tell me how to raise my kid? Absolutely! Avoidance behavior is disrespectful and rude. Are you going to let someone demean you especially your spouse or child? Sorry, not ever should anyone allow avoidance behavior.

Wake Up!

Whoever you choose to date be careful of avoidance of behavior. The instant he ignores what you have to say, tell him to take a hike. No one needs to be abused by an individual who uses avoidance behavior to manipulate people. Teach yourself to be a good listener and look for good listeners to converse with and you will find happiness. It seems like such a simple thing to be a good listener but it is not so simple. Being a good listener takes a great deal of self-control. You will find the better listener you are the more you will learn about life and people.

It Sounds So Easy!

Good habits are not easy. All good habits take practice and make sure you practice every day. My mother taught me to say, ‘Yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir. Yes please, and yes thank you, no thank you. I do not talk back to my elders. These are simple good manners that I learned from my parents. I practiced these good habit manners every day. Please remember to be kind to everyone. Kindness is not a weakness but shows a resolve very few demonstrate. Try to be an individual that is helpful and an individual that is responsible.

A little bit of Habit

Okay, you spout about having good habits and how they are hard to practice but say practice them every day. Why? What is the use? No one cares if I have good habits or not! WRONG!! Successful individuals cultivate good habits. I AM not saying individuals will not still have annoying habits along with good habits. You adjust if you have to but if you tell the individual about the bad habit they just might change that habit.


I have discussed certain habits because I feel the need to remind parents and children to learn good habits. Parents teach your children to be good listeners and to be kind to each other. Remember the key to success stems from having good habits and being a responsible kind individual.

Author Whitney Joh is a retired Science Teacher.


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