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Growing up in the mid-west I was exposed to a certain type of attitude about clubs. There were certain clubs you were automatically expected to join whether you wanted to or not. I won’t expound on these requirements because it is a given where I come from. I know, I know, that makes you all the more curious about the clubs that were required. I assure you the list is long and almost as boring as the clubs themselves.

Huh? What Did You Say?

Okay, if you insist I will bore you with just a few so you get the idea. Coming from a farming community we were required to belong to the 4H Club. The 4H-Club required an individual to plant, raise, or complete a crop rotation scenario every year. This ensures there will be a new group of farmers to raise, plant, or cultivate the nation food supply. The 4H Club is a very worthwhile organization, and I recommend it, to all you budding farmers in grade school. Another Club required by mid-westerners is the Cattlemen’s Association. I think the name is self explanatory, but just in case it is all about breeding and supplying the nation with a beef. The Mid-Western Poultry Federation is all about foul raising. Are you bored yet?

When Do We Get to Fan Clubs?

Well, okay I suppose I could explain about this specific type of club. Fan Clubs usually focus on celebrity or perhaps an activity such as: Skiing, Snow Boarding, Skydiving, Flying, Ice Skating, Bridge, Poker, and the list just goes on. Fan Clubs bring like-minded individuals together to organize and form a network. These networks cause and interaction that creates a positive atmosphere for the individual or activity.

Who Usual Gets Involved In Fan Clubs?

Anyone can join a Fan Club. The question is; are you someone who can be a Fan? Not everyone can interact within the constraints of a Fan Club. There are rules’ that must be observed to maintain a productive atmosphere. If you are not a rules’ person you might want to rethink joining a Fan Club. I love the Fan Club I eventually joined, but to be honest I was not really a Fan Club person.

How Did I Get Involved?

How did I get involved with a Fan Club? My answer to that question might seem silly to you. My eye doctor told me I needed to exercise the muscles in my eyes. My first thought was how in the world AM I going to do that? I guess my doctor saw the perplexed look on my face and explained that I could easily exercise my eyes by reading subtitles. Huh? Read subtitles on what? He recommended the foreign movie channels on television. I laughed but followed his advice. That is where I observed a young man whose acting skills clung to my memory. His interpretation of the character was so vivid and real it elicited an emotional response from the observer. I was hooked and my only recourse was to seek like-minded individuals and I became a Fan Club member.


I would like to remind you I said, “I was not really a Fan Club type of person.” I guess after being required to attend so many boring club meetings I was just plain burned out on clubs. Fan Clubs are completely different; there you will find support and acceptance. I was pleasantly surprised by the membership and delighted at rules’ and regulations I could easily accept. I highly recommend joining a Fan Club they can be life savers in a crisis. Well, it has been nice chatting with you; I’ll talk to you later.

Author: Whitney Joh is a retired Science Teacher.


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