by Whitney | 8:31 am

Ahhhhhchew….Someone is smoking something in here and I know
because I am allergic. Do you think an individual who is allergic, should have
to suffer because someone is a selfish idiot? Frankly, speaking I grew-up with individuals
who were thoughtless addicts who spewed smoke from their nostrils enjoying that
temporary fix of nicotine.

It is My Body.

Okay, you are right it is your body, but you are damaging my
body too. You have no right to make me suffer for your addiction. A little
smoke will hurt me and it will hurt your children too. Second-hand smoke damages
children lungs to the extent they have lung cancer too. Do you care that you
are killing your children with your addiction? Do you care the tobacco
companies put chemicals in their products to addict you faster? What about that
child, inhaling that smoke; chances are they will become addicted too.

What Kind of Role Model.

Children observe their parents and emulate them and that
might not seem like a problem. Until an individual sees their child with a
tobacco product; chewing and spitting in a cup; puffing on a cigar or cigarette
and then hear that cough. The cough that warns the body the lungs are being
irritated. If you keep poking at a bear, eventually it is going to eat you. Cancer
does eat you. It eats you alive until you are dead. None of us is immortal some
of us act like, we are but we are not.

The Pot and the Kettle.

Pointing a finger is easy especially if the federal
government has recognized that tobacco products are addictive and dangerous. Usually
warning of disastrous consequences has an impact on individuals. Remember the
part about children emulating their parents; I started smoking when I was ten
years old. It was the cool thing to do and I wanted to be a grown-up like my

What Happen to the Immune System?

Inhaling smoke into the lungs breaks down the immune system
of the body. The constant irritating smoke stimulates the immune system to
react and it keeps reacting until it ignores the signal. This allows other
harmful pathogens to go unchecked because the immune system ignores them. Tonsillitis
is a warning sign. Sometimes the doctor will recommend removing the Tonsils. A
routine chest x-ray is part of the pre-op for a tonsillectomy. The x-ray may reveal
spots of Tuberculosis. The Tuberculosis has gone unchecked because the immune
system ignored the irritation. Lung Cancer can go unnoticed because the immune
system ignores it. Yearly check–ups at your doctor are necessary if you are a
smoker and even if you are not a smoker, it is a good idea. The commercials of Lung Cancer victims, is sad
and discouraging. Look at the consequences of your actions.


Tobacco companies have finally admitted their complacency in
causing the addiction of others. The long-term affect of their selfish acts; is
seen in ravaged bodies of the aged victims who send a warning to not use
tobacco products. Second-hand smoke is not a joke it kills. It is a revelation
that federal buildings and stores are electing to be smoker free. No Smoking
Signs can be seen in a variety of institutions. Finally, a perception to
encourage better health habits has been enacted. To all you tobacco users it is your life spend
it wisely.



Do you have anything to say about tobacco products?

Oct 05.2018 | 10:48 pm


you make valid points and give a lot of food for thought. I am a smoker and while I am aware of those around me when I am actually smoking, not a lot of thought has been put into the ‘left overs’ and why I choose to stay a smoker. Thanks for the perspective.

Oct 09.2018 | 12:47 pm


    Thank you for your reply and I am glad if I made you think about the affects of smoking.

    Oct 10.2018 | 01:31 am

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