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Do you know what a bubble is? A solution that contains a metal salt and a fatty acid has a high surface tension. Common solutions we use to clean crockery can be used to make bubbles. The only enclosed surface with no boundary is a sphere. Sounds like a lot of scientific babble that no one is interested in so why talk about it.

What on Earth?

Yeah, what on earth is she talking about? Have you ever made bubbles? Believe it or not bubbles are beautiful and relaxing. The psychology of bubbles is something quite phenomenal. It seems the shape of bubbles bouncing around in the air causes the secretion of certain hormones that cause broad muscles to relax.

How Does That Affect Me?

Broad muscle relation causes the blood pressure to lower and gives a sense of well-being. Sounds far-fetched and hard to believe but not really; there are many simple things that can impact our health. Bubble therapy is a simple thing that is low cost and beneficial. Think about that bubble screen saver is it something you decided you would like to have on your computer?

Who In the World Came Up With This?

Individuals have been watching bubbles dance in the air since the inception of using soap. Everyone is acquainted with soap in one form or another and we use soap for a variety of things including cleaning ourselves. Speaking of bathing I know many of you have put your child in bubble baths and cleaned their hair with shampoo. I know I enjoyed playing with the bubbles making shapes for my children and those of us who have done this know how much fun it was for the children.

When Did the Fascination With Bubbles Begin?

According to Babylonian inscriptions the first soap was made in 2800 B.C. That is a long time to be producing bubbles. I AM sure the early Babylonians enjoyed the same relaxation we enjoy from bubbles. I AM also sure the children ran and played and the bubbles that flooded the air were just as beautiful as the ones we have today.


I don’t know about you but I enjoy playing with bubbles. I recently watched a wedding party that had a bubble theme and laughed at their antics. Bubbles make people happy. When we are happy we like to repeat the experience again and again. I know in my heart that I will continue to play with bubbles no matter what may come. Bubbles have been my happiness for more than sixty years and I recommend them to everyone. When all is said and done what would be your memory as a child of simple happiness? Would it be running creating fluttering bouncing beautiful bubbles in the air? My hope would be that everyone may experience the peaceful grace of the magical spheres dancing in the air. Come on what have you got to lose? Find a bubble solution and join the happiness that is found in that sphere made by the miracle of surface tension.

Author: Whitney joh is a retired Science teacher.


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