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Common Sense: Background Check

Some people might cringe at those two little words. Me, I just smile and fill out the necessary paperwork. There are many reasons why individuals shy away from background checks. I guess since the only remarkable situation, someone looking might find, is traffic citations; it does not bother me to have a background check.

Why All the Fuss?

The majority of individuals that have something to hide will not submit to a background check. The question ‘why’ is somewhat self-explanatory. Pedophiles now must register when they enter a neighborhood. Do you think all pedophiles are registered? The answer is; no, not all pedophiles are registered. Are sexual offenders all registered? Sexual offenders; are not registered with the police, unless they have been previously caught and punished. Pornographers hide in plain sight and some are never caught, and punished. Some individuals look upon a background check as an invasion of their privacy. I will not deny that background checks can be somewhat intrusive but then so is a visit to the doctor’s office. I guess it is all a matter of perspective.

When Should an Individual Become Concerned?

We should all be concerned about someone who refuses a background check. A red flag should appear in our minds. This sounds paranoid doesn’t it? What is the alternative? Should we turn a blind eye and ignore all the signs that something alarming could occur. The police would say; we do not have enough manpower to watch every ‘Kook’ that is arrested. No, they wait until someone is hurt or killed and then act surprised when it happens. Even if something has happened like a murder and the murderer is caught at the scene the police will say; we do not have enough evidence to convict. Should everyone be concerned?

What Can An Individual Do?

All of us can support the use of background checks. I know many illegal aliens could be caught and sent back where the came from and that will reduce our welfare roles and save the government money. I AM all for helping people who are here legally and working to feed their families. I AM sorry to say poor management of the immigration laws have brought in lazy individuals who refuse to work. I think if your parents are illegal aliens and you are born here, you are just as illegal as they are and should be sent back to their country with them. No more free lunch that our tax dollars are paying for, go home. I know this will not be a popular attitude with the liberals but right is right. Wake up!!

Who Should Need Background Checks?

There should be mandatory background checks for all individual ‘Welfare recipients’’ and School Children entering first grade. Right now, the Welfare roles are bloated with illegal aliens, collecting our tax dollars for their subsistence. This is not a socialist living environment and as long as the Constitution of The United States is up held the laws are clear. The Immigration laws need to be enforced. Anyone who cannot pass a background check must be deported. No Exceptions!!


I have had numerous background checks and passed them all. I AM not perfect and have skeletons in my closet but nothing serious. I will tell you I AM a female who has been married numerous times so getting married is not a crime unless you murder your spouse. I have been an Educator for a number of years and had background checks almost every year I taught. I never had any problems with my background checks. I recommend background checks to keep our citizens safe from nefarious individuals. I do not know about you but I refuse to be some predators prey.

Author Whitney Joh is a retired science teacher.



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