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Apple, Pear or Six Packs?

I don’t have a thing to wear. How many times have I said that, or heard someone else say the same thing. Do I look fat in these jeans? It does not matter the reply. I will not believe the
answer. I look in the mirror and judge myself unworthy of notice. I AM not
model, thin. My complexion is not perfect and my hair lays limp on my head. No
matter what I do to my hair it never satisfies my judgment.

Oh My Do I Really Look Like That?

Individuals judge their appearance by socially cultivated ideas. Socially cultivated ideas may cause a negative mindset and low self-esteem. Please remember that society has
unrealistic ideas about the image in the mirror. The height, shape or weight of
an individual should not be a factor in determining social acceptance nor
should it affect self-esteem.

Individual’s Perception of Body Image.

Are you a trend setter? Do you keep up with the latest fashion and make-up tricks? Do you like yourself? Does your family and friends encourage trend setting? It is important to
receive encouragement from family and friends. Proper encouragement is
necessary for an individual’s self-esteem. Low self-esteem can cause an
individual to struggle to fit in with certain social clicks. The desire to be
socially acceptable is amplified in low-self-esteem individuals. Low
self-esteem may be a related to bulimia and other eating disorders. Bulimia and
eating disorders usually cause malnutrition or obesity. Self-esteem is
important and should be nurtured from early childhood through adulthood.

I Did Not Mean That!

Did you see her/him? She/he has gained a lot of weight. She/he is so fat they hardly fit into clothes. Here she/he comes ignore her/him. Now if you are someone that gossips like this
shame on you. No one has the right to judge anyone. Intelligent people do not
have to abuse others to make themselves feel worthwhile. Scientist have
discovered that D.N.A (deoxyribonucleic acid) the template that carries all the
information for the design of an individual includes body shape. An individual
is born with their body shape preprogramed. Individuals have no control over
their shape. They can starve themselves to achieve a socially acceptable body
shape, it will only last a short while. The individual will become obsessed
with diet and exercise.

Struggling to be You.

Please be happy, do not try to be something you are not. If you are shaped like an apple, be happy with who you are. I struggled with my weight for forty years trying to be a tooth pick
when I was supposed to be a pear. Okay, laugh, it’s alright. I admit I wanted
to be accepted into the cool click. I wanted to be popular and liked. I starved
myself and exercised to maintain a socially acceptable body shape. The results
of my dieting and exercise long term caused serious systemic problems. Everyone
thinks this could not happen to them but I assure you it certainly does. Once I
understood I needed to eat healthy and not worry about my body shape I was a
much happier person.

The Popular Crowd.

Some individuals are born with a high metabolic rate and they are skinny. They have a thin body shape that others envy. Think about it, they don’t have to struggle to be thin. I know many skinny
individuals who would rather be apple shaped or even pear shaped. You’d think
they are crazy for wanting to be fat, but it depends on self-image. Individuals
with high metabolic rates can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. You
think to yourself that would be great, but think about that teenage girl that has
a flat chest like a boy. She longs to be shapely and have an hour glass figure.
She is told she will develop later, but she never does. She is popular and
individuals want to hang out and be her friend. She understands these
individuals are not really her friends.

The Six- Packs.

Men or boys struggle with being manly. They want to be accepted as a man who can protect whatever belongs to him. They exercise to attain the body shape of a weight lifter who has abs called a six pack. Muscles over-extended look fine but some individuals envy the body shape.
A lot of hard work goes into having a muscle-bound body. Individuals think they
need to have a certain look to attract the right type of person they think they
want. Sometimes they are right but not always. Think about what you are doing
and if that is what you really want, go for it, but not everyone can train to
have muscles. There are many reasons an individual can have not to train. Make
sure you are not the bully on the block. Don’t make fun of the guy who can’t do
what you choose to do. Be a real man who is secure enough to understand others

I’m an Apple and I’m not Afraid!

Individuals who are over weight want to be skinny. Their body shape genetically is apple shaped. Many individuals think an apple shape is not healthy. This is not true. Apple shaped individuals who embrace who they are, are happy. Intelligent individuals who understand we are
genetically designed differently love apple shaped individuals. Socially we
gravitate towards happy individuals.

Apple shaped individuals who hate themselves often develop devastating diseases. Those individuals who spit at you or call you names are ignorant. They are afraid of you because they don’t understand why you are not like them. Their opinion is that you must be like
them or there is something wrong with you. If there is something wrong with you; they must correct the problem. Ignore the ignorant idiots. They don’t deserve
the time of day from you. Learn to love who you are and be happy.

A Pear; You’re Built, to be a Mother.

She was never a tiny individual. She was called big-boned and her overall frame is medium. Her healthy weight is forty pounds less than what she weighs. She starves, but can never stay her healthy weight; her weight yoyos up and down. She wants to be part of the popular crowd
but they laugh at her because of her big hips. Of course, they don’t laugh to
her face, just behind her back. She is intelligent and it humiliates her to
know they lie to her face.

Her mother smiles and tells her not to worry that things will be alright if she
will just keep starving. Her big hips will be an asset after she is married
because she is built to be a mother. What kind of life will she have with
low-self-esteem? Can she appreciate the children she will have or will she
teach them to abuse their bodies like she did to be part of the popular crowd?

How Can It Be Better?

Chances are she/he will try to have a socially acceptable body shape but will struggle to keep that shape because of predetermined D.N.A. It all comes down to self-esteem. An individual can be
manipulated through self-esteem to do all kinds of things. It is the parent’s
responsibility to teach their children to have a positive body image. But how
can they do that if they have a poor body image themselves. It is time to teach
adults about D.N.A. profiling. Stop abusing your children over unrealistic
social body images. Let them be the way nature wants them to be and support
them. A positive self-esteem is essential so support your children no matter
what their body image is and be a good parent.


There are individuals who will think (stop whining) you’re just a low-self-esteem fatty. Fatties don’t count. They are gross and stupid. You would be wrong about it all. Your ignorance is
intolerable. If you think this way, you have a low-self-esteem problem, get
help. A positive body image and good self-esteem is the key to a happy life.
Remember if you struggle with your body weight it could be your D.N.A. Stop
struggling and eat healthy. Parents get smart and support your children; love
them, they’re the future.

Author: Whitney Joh is a retired school teacher.



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