by Whitney | 2:22 am

Common Sense: Cooking Class

Thinking back over the years I find there are things I might have done differently. Sometimes I feel guilty about the things I wish I could do all over again. One particular thing always

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by Whitney | 11:25 am

Common Sense: The Token

Yesterday was leap year and we have an extra day February 29 many things happen on this day, some individuals have birthdays. I a number of years ago buried a time capsule on February

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by Whitney | 9:59 pm

Common Sense: The Giant and the Ant

Why I want to Live and Work in Japan I AM not a usual type candidate for a job like this, at this time in a life span. I AM a senior citizen and

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by Whitney | 4:39 am

Common Sense: Habits

We all have things we do without thinking. Some individuals are hair twirlers, some pick their teeth, some bite their fingernails, some pluck their nose hairs, some tear up paper into small pieces, some

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by Whitney | 4:42 am

Where Are You Going My Little One?

Where Are You Going My Little One? Nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks, because my second oldest son, who was born on ‘New Years Eve’, became fifty-five years old. Help! Who is

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by Whitney | 4:48 am

I Hate to Shop, Shopping!

I don’t know about you but I hate to shop! Sometimes I know it is impossible to avoid shopping but it doesn’t make it any easier. Some might argue don’t you like to buy

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by Whitney | 12:44 am

Common Sense: Hot Sadie

  I was not by any means a wild child teenager. I lived on a farm in northern Indiana six months every year. This agreement about my residency was made by my divorced parents.

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by Whitney | 7:34 pm

Common Sense: Just a Story

I being a septuagenarian I have witnessed many changes in history over the years and I can say with a small laugh ‘Huh?’ Sometimes I shake my head and laugh out loud; this causes

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by Whitney | 1:14 am

Common Sense: Pretty Balloons

“Would someone please get those balloons out of here?” My mother often complained about the balloons hanging about on the ceiling of my bedroom. Everyone knew I adored colored balloons. Subsequently, individuals liked giving

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by Whitney | 8:31 pm

Common Sense: Wow! Say What?

All of my life I have been a curious soul. That means I get into a lot of interesting situations. I AM in my elder years now but my mind seems to think I

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