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Hello, welcome to Grandma Joh’s Kitchen Sink. I’m always glad to have you here. So
pull up a chair and relax. Think calm thoughts and smile. Anything you have to
tell me is fine. I’m here to help.


I am an
unconventional educator. I was a nurse for twenty years and one day I decided
to change jobs. I was constantly teaching sick people how to take care of
themselves so did a lateral job change.I became a Secondary High School Biology
Teacher. I think learning should be fun. I created websites for online
learning. I have cartooning software for children and adults. I am retired now
and try to stay busy with my romance writing. I’ve written several books on
sale on Amazon’s website. My hobbies are writing, painting(oils and
watercolors), knit, sewing, and educating young people. I have a bachelor’s in
Biology, a Masters in Education and a Masters in Science. I have completed all
my PhD education in Instructional Design for Online Learning. I have four sons
who are successful in their chosen fields and twelve grandchildren who are imps
and study hard. I am always reminded that it takes a village to raise a child.
I remind my sons to never discipline in anger. I have designed websites to help
with anger for teacher training and I promise they need it after dealing with
other individuals children on a daily basis. I am pursuing an education in
building an online business. My hope is to be successful.


This is a site you can come to and let off steam. Vent to your hearts content. I’ll
also have treats for you. You don’t need to cook, but you might take a chance
if it sounds good. There will be a variety of interesting small things to do to
keep your hands busy. Nothing complicated just relaxing distracting busy work.
You don’t have to participate at all you can just think soothing thoughts. I
will write articles to help and leave contacts for you to use if you need to
and remember you can count on me.


I have counseled many individuals about various problems. Sometimes it just takes one
person to reach out that makes the difference. If I can’t help; I’ll find
someone who can help. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




Tell me what you think about life.

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