by Whitney | 10:41 pm

Common Sense: Writing a Book.

I do not claim to be an expert at everything but I do know how to setup a book if you are interested. I have numerous books in print and e-books on various store

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by Whitney | 6:58 pm

Common Sense: Nobody Wants To Hear That!

An era ended November 12,2018; when a writer stepped into the ‘Forever Hall of Fame’. The writer’s claim to fame was one of ionic proportions. The writer’s characterizations were a staple of superhero games

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by Whitney | 12:37 am

Common Sense: I’m Listening I’ll Keep You Safe!

Look at that small bundle tucked into a bassinet or crib sleeping with such trust. How do you keep those precious to you safe? Do you stay awake at night listening to them sleep?

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by Whitney | 5:08 am

Product Review: Arlo Baby Monitor

Item Name: Arlo Technologies NETGEAR Baby Monitor | Smart WiFi Baby Camera 1080P HD with 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Air Sensors, Lullaby Player, Night Light, Works with Amazon Alexa, Home-Kit (ABC1000) Item Price: $199.99

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by Whitney | 5:59 pm

Common Sense: Ground Zero: Killing Your Loved Ones.

I suppose there may be numerous hazards around your house every day that could threaten the safety of your children, but none so insidious, as the dreaded black mold hiding somewhere in your abode.

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by Whitney | 1:23 am

Product Review: Oransi Air Purifiers

Item Name: Air Purifiers: Oransi OV200 and Oransi Max Item Price: Oransi OV200 -$ 329.00 and Oransi Max- $479.00 Vendor Website: term=oransi%20&utm_campaign=OransiBrand&msclkid= 6e1ab30c07bd1e45d860e8d76f799ac1   Item Ranking: Five Stars Engineering Evaluation Rating System: 1-10

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