by Whitney | 9:30 am

Common Sense: Online Counseling

Sometimes I feel the need to reach out and talk to someone. Mind you, sometimes just anyone will do. It would feel good just to turn on my computer and find someone to talk

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by Whitney | 2:35 am

Common Sense: Home Remedies

Sometimes just a little common sense goes a long way. My Mom and my Grandma had a way of seeing things that brought perfect clarity to a subject. Each Spring we all took a

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by Whitney | 4:06 am

Common Sense: It’s A Plan!

The federal government supplies educational grants to States for various academic needs. States allocate these academic funds to counties who have requested and shown a need for financial assistance. A Building Administrator, Media Specialist

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by Whitney | 7:43 pm

Common Sense: Apple, Pear, or Six-Packs

Apple, Pear or Six Packs? I don’t have a thing to wear. How many times have I said that, or heard someone else say the same thing. Do I look fat in these jeans?

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by Whitney | 1:23 am

Common Sense: Learning to Dance

How many people would like to learn to dance? I had been afraid to learn to dance. I did not want to look foolish. Come on if you are honest you know that is

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by Whitney | 8:31 am

Common Sense: Cigars, Cigarettes, Have a Chew.

Ahhhhhchew….Someone is smoking something in here and I know because I am allergic. Do you think an individual who is allergic, should have to suffer because someone is a selfish idiot? Frankly, speaking I

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